Baby Hair and Body Lotion

I came up with this recipe specifically for my curly girl. Initially I pretty much used coconut oil for her hair and her skin, but there was something missing.

With her hair there was such a fine line between too little, and too much. I felt like if I used enough to actually get the tangles out, then it was a little to oily once it was dry.

Her skin gets extremely dry, but the coconut oil didn’t seem to stick with her. It went on really silky, but kind of sat on top of the skin, and didn’t soak in.

One thing I did like, however, was only having to use one product. So I set out to find ingredients that would work well with her curly locks and her dry skin.

So this is my recipe for a baby hair and body lotion, for curly hair and dry skin. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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Baby Hair and Body Lotion

Directions: Warm coconut oil and shea butter using double boiler (or microwave). Mix all other ingredients and store in a glass gar.

Optional: Whip with hand or stand mixer for whipped/fluffy consistency.